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(612) 216-0147

located: United States, Minneapolis - MN

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612-216-0147 is a contact number on a Cell Number. This device is registered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, MN.

Telephone number styles: 216-0147 (Local dialling)   (612) 216-0147 (Domestic dialling)   +1-612-216-0147 (International dialling) 

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Report by ** Long ago Unknown
This guy with a foreign accent keeps calling me and when I told him my number was on the National Do Not Call registry (which is in fact an actual list that telemarketers have to follow and it is illegal for them to call you after your number is entered) he yelled and me and said "F*** YOU" to me.  Very unprofessional and will not stop calling!!
Report by JK Long ago Unknown
Have called several times in the last couple of days. Never leave a message. From other reports, it would be nice if they stopped calling. It is using up cell minutes and is just a hassle because I don't want to talk to whoever it is.
Report by dirka dirka jehad Long ago Unknown
yeah this dirkastan guy called me saying my name had been selected for a free vacation. knowing it was fake i started sounding really excited.  i asked him how my name got selected, he said it was selected while i was F'ing my wife... i'm not even married so he's and idiot.
Report by Roz Long ago Unknown
Has called 6 times today, but no message! I haven't answered any of them, but when I called back there was only a busy signal. I can't wait to get a hold of them...
Report by lfredrickson Long ago Unknown
calls hangs up right away, I called back but call woun't go through
Report by new client Long ago Unknown
I got a call from 612 852 3650 today. when i tried calling back, I got a congestion message.I thought to share this with the forum
Report by Brian Long ago Unknown
When I answer I tell him to quit calling and he tells me to F off and give him my bank account information for debt I owe, Funny thing is I dont owe anything to anyone. How do we get this guy to stop....
Report by Seattle, WA Long ago Unknown
I get calls from this number repeatedly and I have been getting them for about a year.  Sometimes calls multiple times a day telling me I've won a free digital camera.  I've never said anything to him except stop calling me.  Any way to get them to stop?????  I tried the high pitched noise... worked for a while actually.
Report by partition35 Long ago Unknown
I tried calling this number back after purposely missing it, and it doesn't go through-my call failed repeatedly.
Report by Hopkins, MN Long ago Unknown
received phone call for American Shopping Center. Given bogus information on BBB# and address information. Not found on rader anywhere. Beware of scam.
Report by Sara Long ago Unknown
two calls in less than 30 minutes.  i did not pick up and don't plan to.  we will see how long it lasts
Report by amanda Long ago Unknown
hang up calls....
Report by ryoko hlub Long ago Unknown
i have receive calls from this number and the guy with an foreign accent tried to get me to get a free digital camera but won't sent it unless he gets my bank account. don't pick up if isn't this number.
Report by twy Long ago Unknown
Very persistent and not very intelligent. after several unwanted calls daily I answered the phone with a very loud and high pitched wailing noise to welcome them.......the calls are a lot less frequent, but they still get the tone to greet them.I was kind of hoping to find the origins of this number because I am in the 612 area code.
Report by jb Long ago Unknown
612-216-0147 called me twice tonight - an hour apart.  Left no message.  Am glad to have found these posts.  From now on, if I don't recognize a number, I won't answer!  When I tried  calling this number back, there was just a steady beep as if the phone were off the hook.
Report by Donnie Long ago Unknown
these jerkoffs are a illegal offshore pharmacy trying to sell drugs.
Report by Tired of unknown callers Long ago Unknown
Refused to hang up after I info him that I donot want to receive anymore  calls from him caller has foreign accent.
Report by Mandi Long ago Unknown
Has called me 7 times in the last 48 hours.  Left 2 voice mails which were completely silent.
Report by 612-216-0147 Long ago Unknown
Very obnoxious telemarketing cell. Refused to hang up after numerous polite responses. caller has foreign accent.

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7 Report Long ago Unknown
I too got a call from "Kelly" at Ocean Bay Resort. I have not phoned back. It sounded too suspicious to me. Just deleted the message and hope I don't get another.


7 Report Long ago Unknown
Same here they have been calling from 8am till 10 at nite! Leaving messages, driving me bonkers! When I do call them back they always are rude and tell me stories that they will take it off the list and now they have been hanging up on me!!!!!!! GRRRRRI called Telus today and they gave me no choices other than to PAY for a blocking charge!!! (yeah right) or go to this website   http://www.the-cma.org/. Hope it helps you out. I am going to try it right now.


7 Report Long ago Unknown
I got a call from "Kelly at Ocean Bay Resort".  When I called them to ask for my number to be removed, one very rude telemarketer wished me "the best of luck" in getting it removed.  Another told me to pree '8' if I get another call and my number will be removed from my list.  On another occasion, I asked for a manager or supervisor, and they hung up on me.


7 Report Long ago Unknown
I have had at least 5 calls from "Kelly at Ocean Bay Resorts for a complementary Disney World Vacation" I have not answered the call or retuned the call. Nothing is free! I have not entered any contests.


7 Report Long ago Unknown
I, too, received a call from Kelly at Ocean Bay Resort telling me that I've won a complimentary Disney vacation and to call 416-619-0932 for details. I didn't bother calling as I have not entered a contest.


7 Report Long ago Unknown
I got that same call, but it showed up as out of area on my phone, so I didn't answer. I just deleted the message once I heard what it was about, and googled the Ocean Bay Resort, and found this page.Jules


7 Report Long ago Unknown
Recorded message from "Kelly at Ocean Bay Resort" about a "free vacation".


1 Report Long ago Unknown
Someone called my parents from this number claiming to be thier grandson and tried to scam $4,449 out of them by telling them he was in jail in Canada and needed the money to get out.  They were instructed to wire the money right away.  Lucally they didn't do it.


3 Report Long ago Unknown
Wanted to talk to person who handles AT&T account.  Said they wanted to offer discount from what I pay now.  Of course they had no idea what I pay now.  Hung up when I asked too many questions.  Can't reverse call-number gives busy signal


3 Report Long ago Unknown
this person called my biz claiming to be from ATT and that we were being over charged and that she would take care of it all.  after totally confusing her....she said she would have to check things out and would call back!!!   this person was a FRAUD.


3 Report Long ago Unknown
Our business just received a call from this same number.  Like Tx Gal, our caller ID read "In Reserve."  The female caller asked to speak with the person that handles our AT&T account.  I told her we were not with AT&T and she hung up on me.


2 Report Long ago Unknown
It's Law offices of Thomas Dvorak


2 Report Long ago Unknown
It's Strategic Alliance Incorporated800 Frederick AvenueGaithersburg, Maryland 20877(954)332-6246


1 Report Long ago Unknown
Who owns this phone number?


3 Report Long ago Unknown
Got the same message, some middle eastern guy that could hardly speak english saying that he got my resume from Career Builder..I havent posted my resume in months..or even years on Career builder.


3 Report Long ago Unknown
Person called me because they found my resume online.  They said they were a recruiter and they had poor English, and asked me if I wanted to expand my opportunities although they were very vague as to what or how.  I said no and he said well give us a call at any time if you change your mind although he didn't even leave a phone number.  Even if they were a legit company, they really lacked any sort of professionalism.


3 Report Long ago Unknown
Some one called my cell phone twice. It sounds like a marketing call.

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